• Group and Event Meals-Outdoor Beach/Mountain BBQs
  • Quality, Secure. Proven and Friendly Lodging Options
  • Service & Volunteer Offerings within Trip Itineraries
  • Travel Gro~ Leader/Chaperone Pricing Incentives
  • Free Sales Fliers for your Group with Traffic Rows


Student Adventure Travel is proud to bring 28 years experience into this high energy and event filled, niche of the market called High School Senior Class Trips. These student inclusive packages are designed to keep these young adults going from one activity to another, with non-stop traffic flows. Of course sponsors love this keep busy format of preplanned/prepaid-no hassle trip management.

Customization of our preplanned packages is welcomed. Add an educational event; take away a water event, you name it we can provide it.

Student Adventure Travel has grown to be one of Student America's most affordable & value conscious student travel providers. Creative student payment plans designed the way your group's needs and partnerships with FBLA and DECA approved fund raising companies, provide sponsor and class support. Plus, our partnership with the Better Business Bureau assures our traveling student customers the best of memories.


These trips are reality adventures & events. This will be a once in a lifetime experience. Having just completed 12 years of school, you need to celebrate, build lasting memories, meet other new graduates from around the country, and make lifelong friends. Each year thousands of students join us from over 1800 schools; air and land packages sell out extremely early - avoid disappointment - call our staff or email us today.


  • Choose a Package Your Whole Class can Afford
  • Parents can be Sponsors as well as Students
  • Booking Early Means Smaller Monthly Payments
  • Juniors I Start Planning Your 2014 Graduation Trip NOW

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